Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Itchy and twitchy
Can't stay still
Restless feet want to stray
Walking through mazes
In my own mind
trying to find a way

A way to find peace
peace without ceasing
Ever increasing my range
Trying new roads
making my own
Though it may seem strange

Odd though I am
I'll keep searching the land
For my heart won't leave me alone
I must keep enduring
while the world keeps on whirling
To find a peace of my own.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Romance is Dead

What is it?
It seems I knew long ago.
Vague memories of poetry and flowers.
Maybe only the young can imagine it still.
The heartaches break in pieces and build a rubble filled wall of doubt
and disbelief.
The heart goes into hiding.
Romance is wishful and wistful and wondrous.
Cynicism abounds and shoots down any bird of hope that dares to fly.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Human like You

Alone I sit and stare at the keyboard.
Wondering what words to say.
Wanting to reach out into the world.
Show them my heart
Make them understand me
Hope they love me.
The words will not flow.
They come and go in fits
One sentence typed in a frenzy
the next written and erased over and over again.
Communication is all we have
We long to know that someone else has been in that place
The dark place of sorrow.
The sunlit porch of good memories
The hot anger filled volcano
The plain cardboard wrapping holding a new world of thoughts and ideas.
Open the box.
Peer into me.
See what you like and what you hate
 because I am just human like you.