Sunday, August 16, 2015

Dream big

You always told me I dreamed too large,
What's so wrong with letting someone else take charge?
I listened to you, I stayed subdued,
I put my dreams up on the shelf to stay with you.
I kept my head down, down towards the ground,
I waited for my time at last to come around.
I waited longer than ever I should,
I waited for you to be better than you could.
But now I see it, see it ever so clear.
I never was ever supposed to wait here.
Because if you loved me, you'd let me fly.
You clipped my wings before I got too high.
But now I see you, and now I know,
It's way past time I should have let you go.
Cause I can do it, I can be strong,
Without you by my side, I won't go wrong.
And you can't tell me I'm not being myself,
All I did was take my dreams off of that shelf.
I may fall down and I may cry,
I don't care, I still will try.
I will fly as high as the sky,
I will fly.
You can't stop me. You control me no more.
Without you to drag me down, it's my chance to soar.
I want more than you can give,
I want to find my own way to live.
You meant well but you thought I was weak.
I can rise above the highest peak.
I can't be less than I am.
I must break free,
Wherever life leads, I have to be me.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I want to fight
I want to bite
Sink my teeth in and tear.
I want to scratch
I want to claw
Act like a wounded animal
I want to stroke
I want to kiss
Slide over your skin

Inside I am wild.
I need to make some bad decisions soon.
I need to uncage myself.
I need to fight, bite and kiss and love.

Monday, June 30, 2014

to pee or not to pee

There should be a name for it. That weird sensation you get when you're dreaming and you know you need to pee. All of all sudden you know you can't or something bad will happen. You're not quite convinced the dream world is real so you won't go to the bathroom until you are safe.  I can't be the only person to have felt this way.
Right now. I so beyond tired I was sitting on the throne and could not pee. The exhaustion was bad enough that I wasn't in my full reality anymore. Three times I had to remind my bladder it wasn't wrong. You can pee here. It's meant for that to happen here.


My soul longs for you.
My body cries out for the comfort of your touch.
My ears strain to hear even a whisper of the melody of your voice.
My eyes fill with tears when I think of how long we have been apart.
My heart sits heavy in my chest.
My stomach is knotted and acidic.
My fingers grasp at nothing but memories.
My feet itch as they long to be walking toward you.

I am homesick for you.
You are my home.
I am heartsick for you.
You are my heart.
I am lovesick for you.
You are my love.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Best Times

It was the best of times
It was the worst of times
It was all the times we would know

It was the best with you
the rest just blew
well it only goes to show.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

At Least For Tonight

You, you, you can change me,
you, you, you can fix me,
you, you, you can make it right,
at least for tonight

Tomorrow we may go our separate ways,
but the memory of this time will always stay

'Cause tonight,

We, we, we are dancing,
we, we, we are laughing,
we, we, we are drinking our troubles away
at least for today

Dissolving our drama with beer,
making those shots disappear

You, you, you are smoking,
I, I, I am singing,
Tonight, I'll be in your bed,
Because of what you said

Tomorrow we may go our separate ways,
but the memory of this time will always stay

You, you, you were lying,
I, I, I was buying
every single word of your game,
You told me you felt the same

You said,

You, you, you can change me,
you, you, you can fix me,
you, you, you can make it right,
at least for tonight

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Darkness

The darkness shall not win.
It clouds my eyes to the light.
I cannot see the good and noble and pure anymore.
I can see humanity still.
Broken and bruised but striving.
Striving for the ....
the what?
The light?
The hope of the light?
The idea of the hope of the light?
The smile on a loved one's face?
Hope always remains.
Hope is that part inside that screams FUCK YOU! at the darkness.
Who do you think you are?
You can't take me down!
You hit like a bitch!
It is what they can't take away unless we give it to them.
And it's hard
so hard
to get back when it's been lost.
The darkness will lie.
Make you believe that the light has gone out.
Hold on to hope still.
Grasp it firmly with both hands.
Hope is the pilot light of our own light.
Tiny flicker in the dark.
But when we add faith and determination
it can turn into an inferno.