Sunday, August 16, 2015

Dream big

You always told me I dreamed too large,
What's so wrong with letting someone else take charge?
I listened to you, I stayed subdued,
I put my dreams up on the shelf to stay with you.
I kept my head down, down towards the ground,
I waited for my time at last to come around.
I waited longer than ever I should,
I waited for you to be better than you could.
But now I see it, see it ever so clear.
I never was ever supposed to wait here.
Because if you loved me, you'd let me fly.
You clipped my wings before I got too high.
But now I see you, and now I know,
It's way past time I should have let you go.
Cause I can do it, I can be strong,
Without you by my side, I won't go wrong.
And you can't tell me I'm not being myself,
All I did was take my dreams off of that shelf.
I may fall down and I may cry,
I don't care, I still will try.
I will fly as high as the sky,
I will fly.
You can't stop me. You control me no more.
Without you to drag me down, it's my chance to soar.
I want more than you can give,
I want to find my own way to live.
You meant well but you thought I was weak.
I can rise above the highest peak.
I can't be less than I am.
I must break free,
Wherever life leads, I have to be me.

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