Wednesday, February 13, 2013


My thoughts are spinning in my head,
dreams of hope and nameless dread,
combine into a torrent of insanity,
bringing on the doubt and fear,
and muddier thoughts I can not clear,
until I doubt my own veracity.

Death looks kindlier in these hours,
a sure way to end all the sour,
before it takes root deeper in,
changing all that is good in me,
to overflowing depravity,
I can feel it settling in my skin.

I feel weak but I will stand,
dancing on the slippery sand,
I must not fall, I must not fall.
I hear the words from time past,
I feel the sting of insults lashed,
I cry, I scream, I give my all.

Ride out the storm, it will cease,
and in it's wake will come peace,
I bend and bend beneath the gale,
Cracking, stretching, I stand my ground,
hoping, praying, I will be found,
A hand will help before I fail.


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