Sunday, March 24, 2013


I miss you, I love you,
I don't wanna hang up first,
We'll talk soon,
or email,
or Facebook,
Maybe we'll see each other next year.
It doesn't really matter with us,
we will always be friends,
you will always know my heart
and my secrets.
and I will keep yours.

When I talk to you,
I get homesick.
That nasty ball in the tummy kind of homesick,
I miss you so much that it pains me.

When I talk to you,
I am totally free to be me.
No shields, no masks.

Even when life is trying to break us,
I know you will be there,
suffering because I'm suffering,
trying to make it all ok.

And you do,
you make it all so much better,
you listen,
you help,
you care,
you love.

I get homesick for you because my soul is home when we are together.
Broken people in a broken world who fit each other's broken spots.

I love you,
I miss you.

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