Friday, March 2, 2012

Bugaboo Blue

This song was written about the big blue bug. If you live in CT, and you've driven on 95 far enough, you know of what I speak. It was co-written by Jessica (Bonanno) Hodge. Circa 1997

The big blue bug went to Bugaboo Creek,
The big blue bug with his big blue skis,
The big blue bug likes big blue cheese,
The big blue bug has human knees,
With his big blue hat and his big blue sweater,
The big blue bug couldn't look any better,

Bugaboo blue, Bugaboo blue,
Bugaboo, bugaboo, bugaboo blue.

The big blue bug has a big blue house,
The big blue bug has a cat and mouse,
The big blue mouse ate his big blue cheese,
Kicked the big blue bug in his human knees,
The big blue cat scratched up the big blue sweater,
The big blue mouse then ate all the cheddar

(Chorus repeat)

Then the big blue bug had nothing to lose,
But his big blue house and his blue suede shoes,
The big blue bug couldn't take any more,
He kicked the cat and mouse out his blue front door.

(Chorus repeat and end)

For those who wish to know the inspiration for this song, Search image New England Pest Control- Big Blue Bug.

Thank you!

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