Monday, March 5, 2012


Why are people so scared to be insecure?
They stay in their shell and pretend life as it is is fine.
Normality is a jail, imprisoning those not strong enough to take a stand.
It is easier to be lazy than to change.
Change is terrifying, change hurts.
But without experiencing growing pains who can truly live and be.
I'm a malcontent.
I can't be satiated with my life as is.
I need love.
I need pain.
I need understanding.
We all search for the one who will know us truly.
Where is that mythical someone?
Where is that one special person?
Hey, gorgeous, where you been all my life?
Everyone is preconditioned to accept people in a certain way.
The safe way.
I can't get too involved or I'll get hurt.

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