Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Hard harsh cruel,
Fate the Fool,
Leads me on a merry chase,
Think you have it,
then you lose it,
some memories you can never erase.

I struggle on,
from night til dawn,
chasing my wayward dreams,
Barely scraping by,
and then I cry,
nothing is as it seems.

My eyes shut tight,
til morning light,
cause I don't want to see,
the pain in my eyes,
is no surprise,
Not to me, not to me.

My tears run red,
for they keep being shed,
for a world that doesn't care,
My throat is raw,
from trying to call,
out for some repair.

I'm lost and alone,
no place to call home,
just where I keep my bed,
If I keep moving on,
singing this song,
I may just end up dead.

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