Monday, March 12, 2012


Without passion we do not try,
without passion we just get by,
bills to pay, a job to keep,
miles to go before we sleep,
Shelter and our daily bread,
survival is the how we're led,
until we find our dream to dream,
how dull and ordinary life can seem,
My dreams are small and easily won,
to find some joy and have some fun,
Yet new dreams do find me still,
dreams that dare and dreams that thrill,
I dream of singing to a crowd,
singing loud and standing proud,
of making money by bringing joy,
of someday finding the right boy,
not a boy, I want a good man,
to take my heart by the hand,
Someday run a pretty inn by the sea,
that's a big enough dream for me.
My passions are simple love and peace,
in my strength to ever increase,
with new challenges to climb each day,
and finally to find my way,
through this world which is so large,
I'm ready now to take charge.

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