Sunday, March 4, 2012

To My Love

Just how long is everlasting?
Just how deep is the briny sea?
Answers to these I do not know,
But longer and deeper is my love for thee.

I'll love you until eternity seems like a moment in time,
I'll love you far after the poets can no longer find words that rhyme.
I'll love you until man is just a myth,
When long gone are our kin and kith.

Still onwards my love will go,
whiter than light and purer than snow.
Death will not part me and thee,
after eternity we'll still be.

I'll love you until I know no more,
Our love will with the angels soar,
This is the pact betwixt you and me,
We'll love past eternity.

(Written 4/24/94)

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