Friday, March 2, 2012

I still remember

When days wear me down and push my spirits low,
My memories of that perfect moment steal into my mind,
Walking down to the dock watching the waves so very slow,
The peace of that time there again I will find

The water sparkled under the smiling sun,
my feet dangling in the water confusing the minnows at play,
Soft summer breezes on this day that had barely begun,
my heart was so light on that gentle peaceful day.

No harsh words were spoken,
the silence unbroken,
but for the birds in the trees.

I was alone in my thoughts,
alone in my spot,
there was no one but me.

I laughed at the minnows,
nibbling at my toes,
as I wriggled my feet in the water.

Peace was in my soul,
I felt so whole,
just being nature's daughter.

When day to day life,
is filled with such strife,
pain and regret.

The breeze on my skin,
the  warmth of that day,
I hope I shall never forget.

(This one is brand new.)

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