Monday, March 5, 2012

Vivian and George

Vivian, she was a stubborn gal who always got her way,
She took the time everyday to be down on her knees and pray.
She called on every birthday, Five children she taught well.
The devil would too scared of her to let her go to hell.

George, he was a patient man with a peaceful way,
He talked a little slow because he'd think before he'd say,
He had an eye for a good deal and saved up all he bought,
His five children and his wife never lacked for aught.

He was a soldier and she was a clerk working for Ma Bell,
The day that they met the Finnish man for her charms, he fell,
George and Vivian stayed in love in sickness and in health,
The couple with the five children loved to share their wealth,

They trusted God above all things, that was very clear,
They felt the love of up above and always held it dear.
When George grew old his mind would no longer hold a thing,
But in church on sundays, you'd still hear him sing.

When their bodies failed them after all and weaker grew his heart,
they stayed together in the nursing home rather than be apart
They lived and loved together every day for over sixty years,
Hand in hand they went to God with all their hopes and fears.

Vivian was first to go on a chill October day,
George without his Vivian began to waste away,
He lasted a season without his dear wife,
three months later he too left this life.

(In  honor of George and Vivian beloved parents, grandparents, and great grandparents)

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