Friday, March 2, 2012

Why Kythanai ?

Kythanai is actually a combination of words I made up a long time ago.

 My real name is Kristen which is a derivation of Christian meaning Follower of Christ. The greek version of which is Cristanai. No, I'm not greek..My dad had a greek translated bible and it turned into a family nickname. My mom still calls me Cristanai on ocassion.

 Kythe is my favorite word. Yes, I have a favorite word. It's celtic and have the same root as kith. As in kith and kin. It means to have knowing of.

 So I put it together as Kythanai. Meaning to me, although not to scholars, The knowing follower or follower of the knowledge.

 I hope that made some kind of sense... if not don't worry about it.

I tend not to make sense.

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