Friday, March 2, 2012

I could love you

I could love you till the years go by and we are old and gray,
 i could look at you until my eyes went misty  and my sight had gone away.
 I could kiss your tears from your eyes and cry for you my own,
 i could tend your wounds and nurse your pains as soon as they were shown.
 I could hold you close your skin on mine until the day i die,
 i could listen to your bad jokes and laugh until i cry.

 Yes, i could love and understand you for the rest of my life,
 i could be your friend your lover, and yes, even be your wife.
 I could love you fierce as the ocean on a stormy night,
 i could love as soft as a sunbeam warming you with light.
I could try with you, lie with you and die with you  except for one small thing,
 you don't love me and that means everything.

 i can't give you my heart knowing you'll break it,
 can't give you my dreams knowing you won't take it
 I can't give you my hope knowing it will shatter when you say this is just fun
 i won't hand you myself on a silver platter knowing that i'm not your only one.

I could love you with everything i am and all that i could be,
 but i can't and i won't confess my love unless you first love me.
 I've loved before and lost before and know exactly how good it can be,
 to give your heart to the one you love and have that love returned
 I've been hurt and drained when that love went away and that lesson i have learned.
 I grew and i've changed into a woman that i'm proud to be,
 but still my heart yearns for that love that burns away the rest of me.

I could be the one to share your laughter your love, but i can't.
 I could be your angel your devil the girl you can't live without.
 I could write it or paint it or sing it, from the roof tops i could shout.
 But your eyes they don't shine for me
 your heart doesn't pine for me
 in this i have no doubt.

 So i won't let myself fall, won't let myself crawl into your waiting arms.
 I won't let you hurt me, destroy me, desert me and do me any harm.
 I'll keep my love, my joy, my pain
 for one for will cherish me and feel the same.

I could dream of a day that you come and say
 the words i want to hear.
 But that dream won't come true
 no not with you and i won't wait in fear.
 Someday i'll see him, i'll know when i meet him
 that day when my dreams come true.
 He'll take me for me and love who i can be and treasure me as his own.
 I'll give him all i'll let myself fall and be his and his alone.

 You'll go on with your life as you always have not daring to care.
 It's i who'll be found while you stay lost in yourself with noone to share.
 I hope i am wrong and you wake up and find out the great man you could be.
 I wish you could find peace and not be afraid to try.
 But i can't say these things to you without breaking me.
I could love you but you would make me cry.

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