Friday, March 2, 2012

I Said Forever - Part Two

My gravity was gone and I was adrift flailing and failing to find my way.
I drifted in and out of your life on the tide of friendship.
We laughed and talked and warmed our hands over the smoldering ashes of what had been.
But I said forever and knew it was true.

I found a new man and tried to give him my heart but it wasn't mine to give.
I had left it with you.
You married. Had a child.
Then your heart was broken.
You were lost on a stormy sea and drifted back toward me.
I was safety.
I was love.
My heart was still on your shelf.
I went back to hoping to dreaming that your heart could still be mine.
But you kept your heart locked up tight as mine started to collect dust and wear.
I said forever and knew it was true.

I ran. Drove away from the pain and from the warmth of my sun.
Out of sight and out of mind.
I can lead a new life. I can find a new heart of my own.
We grew and we changed and the raging sea became a still pond.
I was drawn to a laugh and a twinkle in the eye.
He made me smile and made me feel feelings I hadn't felt for a long while.
I was drawn slowly to his open face and merry messy life.
When he stroked my hair and kissed me, I felt the echos of what I once had.
I clung to him for the reminder of you.
I woke from the dreaming that he was like you and cried from the loss of it.
Because I said forever and knew it was true.

I thought I'd run far enough.
I thought I was free.
I thought I took back my heart.
I was wrong.
You've long since moved on and found a sweet smile and a mended heart that you want to keep safe always.
But I said forever and knew it was true.

I wish you joy and happiness in all that you do.
It's been a long time since the first day we met.
Half of my lifetime gone by.
I loved you for years, through all of my tears and there is no end in sight.
The first time I looked into your eyes
I said forever and knew it was true.

I wish that it wasn't.
I wish that my heart was mine again to give away as I choose.
But I said forever and my heart said forever and my soul said forever.
So forever it will be.
And though years more will pass and I'll keep trying in vain to prove that I can change my tune.

I said forever and know that it's true.

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