Monday, March 5, 2012


Everyone has questions.
Where do the answers lie?
Some say down below,
others claim up high.
Who am I? What should I do?
Where are the answers? Tell me true.
I wonder if God truly dwells above,
how so many people don't know how to love,
When will it be my time to shine?
The time to dazzle them all?
Does my fate lie behind a desk
or in a concert hall?
Why is there hate and jealousy polluting my whole life?
Is there meant to be peace on earth?
I see only strife.
Tell me why
Why the good must die
Why do liars lie
Why the children cry
Am I too young to understand?
I'm giving all I can.
Can I change the way
I live my life each day?
If I try, will I, fly away
Am I more than the roles I play?
It's more than work that earns your pay
Do I care what other's say?

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